Bathroom Vanities with Top

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Bathroom vanities with top can be compared to kitchen countertops. The bathroom vanity is created with a top to protect the wood underneath it. Bathroom vanities are exposed to a lot of elements. Water is the most damaging element for wood so if you’re vanity is made from wood, it’s best to install a glass top to protect it. Marble tops are also ideal since it repels water and doesn’t get damaged by it.

It’s also a nice design to add to the bathroom vanity. Making a particular bathroom interior design can be achieved by taking advantage of the vanity top. Contemporary designs use glass more often than marble but if you’re going for something Victorian or classic design, marble tops are a good option.

Bathroom Vanities with Top

Bathroom Vanities with Top

Buying bathroom vanities with top

Most bathroom vanities for sale are made with tops. Mainly to cater to the high exposure to water, soap, toothpaste, etc. and to get a glamorous look to it. You’ll find a lot of styles and designs for bathroom vanities that will surely suit your sense of style.

Also, different sizes are available. You can find small vanities that will look great in small bathroom interiors while you can also buy large vanities or even double bathroom vanities. Depending on the size of your bathroom, your budget, you preference of style and color, you can easily find something in the market to fit your needs.

Bathroom Vanities with Top

When buying a bathroom vanity, consider a few things. Durability is important to keep in mind to buy vanities made from the right materials. If you can avoid going for wooden bathroom vanities, do so. Wood gets easily damaged by water or moisture. You’ll be changing you bathroom vanity frequently when you choose to buy a wooden vanity. However, if you go for wooden bathroom vanities with top you February delay the rotting of your vanity.

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Bathroom Vanities with TopBathroom Vanities with Top

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