Black and White Living Room Ideas

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A black and white living room can be very easy to accomplish even without a professional’s help. The living room, sitting room, lounge room, front room or whatever we call it, is a very important part of any home. Next to the kitchen, this is where family members gather to watch television, play or just hang out. It’s also the best place to welcome and entertain guests. It’s basically a room where people socialize and relax.

Designing your own living room with a black and white combo is made easier by interior design magazines, suppliers selling varieties of home décor and furniture with the same color combination and of course, the internet for supplying a lot of ideas and tips on how to achieve different interior decorating styles using the black and white combination.

Black and White Living Room

Black and White Living Room

Making a black and white living room for your family

For you to feel at home, the design you choose should be based on your personality and preferences. What you put and where you put it should be based on your routine. If you want to watch television while drinking coffee, you set up a coffee table between the tv and the couch, something like that.

The black and white combo makes a striking scheme and is usually used to achieve contemporary interior designs. When designing your living room with these two colors, it’s always best to use white paint on the walls. This way, you achieve a big and bright room. Using black on the living room walls will require more lighting fixtures to make the room bright.

Black and White Living Room

Aside from the choice of wall color, you can now use either of the two colors for any part of the room. Whether you’re using black furniture to contrast on white floors or vice versa, there’s only a little possibility that you’ll end up with an ill-designed black and white living room.


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Black and White Living RoomBlack and White Living Room

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