Defining Deck Designs

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Defining Deck Design

A deck is defined by Webster’s online dictionary as ”a flat floored roofless area adjoining a house”. That by itself sounds fairly drab and uninteresting but one of the word’s many other definitions is “to decorate (something)”. This is fairly similar to the meaning of the word design: “to plan and make decisions about (something that is being built or created)”. So as homeowners attempt to deck their decks, here are some helpful hints that they February find useful.

Modern Deck Design Ideas

Deck designs can be as simple as planking atop support beams to far more complex structures. They can be curvaceous or straight and can contain single or multiple tiers. Some decks have roofs, while others do not. Partial roofs are another option. Deck planking can be arranged in checkerboard, swirled, or striped patterns. Decks are generally made of hardwoods, tile, concrete, or other durable materials in order to make them long lasting. These structures can hang over cliffs, go around trees, zigzag across open spaces, and much more. Some decks even have space in them for trees, flowers, or water features. Indeed deck designs are only limited by the imagination of the homeowners and the builders that are working for them. The possibilities are therefore quite endless.


More Deck Design Ideas

There are a variety of deck design ideas which can be found online or by consulting with the personnel that work at one’s local hardware store. It is always a smart notion for homeowners to confer with professionals prior to installing any features, even if they plan on doing all the work themselves. There are generally a number of zoning laws and other considerations that factor into building additional structures on one’s property, so it is best to be aware of these constraints prior to building.

6 Photos of the Defining Deck Designs