Fantastic Chaise Lounge Sofas

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What are Chaise Lounge Sofas?

Chaise lounges are a furniture type thought to have originated in Egypt. A number of artworks from historical Greek and Roman periods also feature this style of seating arrangement. Chaise lounges could be used for upright seating at banquets or provide a luxurious place to dine in a reclining fashion. The earliest furniture that was crafted using this design did not feature upholstery but many later examples did. Cushioned seats were indeed quite popular on the so-called fainting couches of the Victorian era, which drew their inspiration from earlier time periods.

Regarding Chaise Lounge Styles

There are three traditional forms of chaise lounges: the duchesse brisée, the méridienne, and  the récamier. The first design is a two or three piece set of furniture that contains either one or two chairs and a long footstool. The second type of chaise lounge was common in France, where it was popular for midday rests. The méridienne style has a headboard and the asymmetrical chair is stretched out to accommodate napping. The final style was made popular by French salon hostess Madame Recamier in the 1800s. The chair which bears her surname features two end pieces and no sides. In comparison to the three older styles, modern chaise lounges February have a far more contemporary design.


Buying a Chaise Lounge For Your Home

When purchasing chaise lounges, homeowners should be certain that the furniture piece coordinates well with the overall appearance of the room where it is to be placed. More importantly, prospective buyers should also ascertain that the chaise lounge they wish to purchase fits their budget. This furniture design can be found both locally and online. While purchasing via the internet can save customers the initial hassle of visiting the store, visiting local retailers is nonetheless a good way to get a glimpse of all the varieties of chaise lounges that are currently available for purchase.

6 Photos of the Fantastic Chaise Lounge Sofas


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