Regarding Jack and Jill Bathrooms

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What is a Jack and Jill Bathroom layout?

 In simple terms, Jack and Jill bathrooms are two door restrooms that typically are connected to bedrooms on either side. There are a number of variations on this style. Sometimes, the bathrooms simply are located in between two adjoining rooms. Some of these restrooms have been designed so that the toilet and shower are sectioned off from each other. This makes it possible for one person to be using the shower as someone else is brushing their teeth, without either person worrying about their privacy. Indeed, privacy can sometimes be an issue with a Jack and Jill bathroom. In styles that feature an undivided layout, it is easy for someone to walk in accidentally, especially if both doors are not locked while the bathroom is being used. Keeping the lights switched on when the Jack and Jill bathroom is in use is always a good idea.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Style Ideas

Decorating bathrooms of this type is certainly not as challenging as preventing accidental invasions of privacy. Jack and Jill bathrooms can be adorned with tiles or hard wood paneling. They could even be decorated with bold colors or using floral prints. The design possibilities are endless. Perhaps the main concern when decorating a Jack and Jill bathroom is not only the people who will be using the space but also the style of the adjoining rooms. After all, having the bathroom interior clash with the rest of the house is certainly not beneficial or stylish.


With Jack and Jill bathrooms finding a good design balance is often necessary, especially as they were originally designed for adjoining girl’s and boy’s rooms. Two teens sharing a bathroom might enjoy an area with band posters or wild colors, but obviously a teen who shares a bathroom with a young child or their parents would have the same area decorated quite differently. No doubt, teens that have to share with younger siblings might compromise on animal prints and those that find themselves sharing with their parents find themselves dealing with a more classic design. Jack and Jill bathrooms that open to more public areas of the house should probably take more into account the overall ambience of their home rather than personal tastes.

Availability of Jack and Jill Bathrooms

Jack and Jill bathrooms were very common in houses built in the 1950s. In fact, The Brady Bunch featured a bathroom of this same design. Though some people find the style a bit annoying in terms of privacy, when properly used and well decorated Jack and Jill bathrooms can be a charming feature of any home.

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