Landscaping with Boulders

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Choosing to do landscaping with boulders in your home has its pros and cons. A boulder is a large rock, normally no less than 12 inches in diameter. Anything smaller than that is either called a rock or a stone. Some boulders are too large to be moved by a single person while there are some that can not be moved without the help of a machine or a car.

Using boulders for landscaping can accomplish a stunning effect to your backyard or front yard. It’s a beautiful addition to any landscaping project because it brings out a natural feel to the lawn. It’s one of the much-coveted decorative accessories in most landscaping jobs. It’s gorgeous and impressive and if you have them, a lot of people will surely admire your landscape because boulders are not easy to obtain. It’s not widely available in all areas because of its weight. It makes it difficult to transport and very expensive.

Landscaping with Boulders

Landscaping with Boulders

Landscaping with boulders using artificial materials

Some homeowners opt to use artificial boulders in landscaping their gardens. First of all, these artificial boulders are much lighter in weight compared to the huge rocks. This makes it easier to move, reduced cost of transportation makes it cheaper and it’s easier to get rid of should the homeowners choose to change their landscaping plans.

It’s also much more cost-effective. When fixing or repairing any damages to the garden landscape, it’ll be easier to move the boulders around. It wouldn’t require too much human effort to move around. Also, it is available for homeowners who live in areas where real boulders are not available.

Landscaping with Boulders

The cons of using artificial boulders however, lie in its longevity. Real boulders can last millions of years but something artificial can not be expected to have a very high quality lifespan. Also, it’s not as durable as a real boulder. It is prone to breakage and discoloration so when deciding to use artificial boulders for your garden landscape, consider the pros and cons first. Landscaping with boulders will create a beautiful addition to your home and increase the value of the house but it can be very expensive.


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Landscaping with BouldersLandscaping with Boulders

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