Mission Bedroom Furniture

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The design style of mission bedroom furniture originated from the furniture style of the late 19th century. These furniture designs were copied from the furniture that Spanish missions had during their colonizing of California. Although the modern mission furniture has little resemblance to the original mission furniture during that period, the term was coined and used so often that it stuck to this particular style of creating furniture.

The main unique thing about mission furniture is that their designs emphasize simple lines, horizontal and vertical. It uses flat panels which in effect helps bring out the natural grain of the wood used. For the most part, oak wood is the number one material used for mission style furniture. After the Industrial Revolution, people were searched for a way to begin a new life. Mass-produced furniture mainly by Gustav Stickley was then referred to as mission style furniture.

Mission Bedroom Furniture

Mission Bedroom Furniture

Mission bedroom furniture by Arts and Crafts

Although he dismissed the coining of his work as mission style, he didn’t change or provide a name for the style of his work. Mainly, his work is known to use plain oak wood. It was upright, solid and completely handcrafted. This was what his work was all about, although he used both machine and handwork techniques for mass production.

Mission Bedroom Furniture

The popularity of such style in furniture making soared and is still sought after by clients today. Mission furniture helps provide a clean finish and compliments a simple and modern interior design. The choice of wood and the natural showcasing of its natural grain through the flat panels are very valuable. It contributes aesthetic value to the overall design of the room. Mission-style furniture not only works for the bedroom but can also be taken advantage in the living room, dining room, lounge room and any other room in the house. But for a classic feel in your personal space, mission bedroom furniture will definitely help achieve that for you.




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Mission Bedroom FurnitureMission Bedroom Furniture

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