All About Persian Carpets

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What are Persian Carpets?

Persian carpets are types of rugs that haven been crafted in the aforementioned region (Persia) for many thousands of years. These carpets often have geometric motifs and do not generally showcase humans or animals figures. The designs on Persian carpets vary from city to city.  The floor coverings are traditionally handmade and this construction method is still in use, but Persian carpets can also be made by modern machinery. Many people in Iran, formerly known as Persia, currently make their living as part of the carpet manufacturing industry. Persian carpets are most commonly made out of wool and cotton. While silk rugs of this type do exist, these specimens are extremely rare and delicate. Therefore, they are often displayed as wall hangings.

A Brief History of Persian Carpets

The oldest surviving Persian carpet dates back to the 5th century BC, but there have been many more produced since that time. Many  do not survive because these rugs are made of organic materials that quickly decompose and it is rare that archeologists find a Persian carpet that is much more than scraps. Some 300 years after the first surviving Persian carpet was created the Azarbaijan region became the main center of carpet construction. This style of carpet reached its apex during the Seljuq and Ilkhanate dynasties, but it is nonetheless a popular home décor item today.


Is There Any Difference Between a Persian Carpet and a Turkish One?

Traditionally, this was the case. The rugs were each knotted in a different fashion, making the figures on the Turkish variety have a more square appearance than those on the Persian carpets. This is because the former uses a double loop knot and the latter uses a single loop knot. The only way to tell which knot is being used is by closely examining the carpet in question. However the difference has begun to blur and, even so, there is really not a lot of difference between the two types.

5 Photos of the All About Persian Carpets


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