Satin Nickel Bathroom Accessories

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Satin nickel bathroom accessories are almost similar to brushed nickel. The only difference is that satin nickel has a shinier finish; it’s glossier than brushed nickel. It also has a more delicate maintenance process. Satin nickel finish is basically nickel plating on brass. It has been dulled and coated with lacquer. It’s sometimes mistaken for brushed nickel because it has similarities in appearance to brushed stainless steel and brushed aluminum.

It helps create an antique-feel to the bathroom design so you get this luxurious look to the overall bathroom interior. Because it shinier or glossier, it looks better than brushed nickel. It also has a Victorian effect so you’re looking at a bathroom design that looks high-end.

Satin Nickel Bathroom Accessories

Satin Nickel Bathroom Accessories

Caring for satin nickel bathroom accessories

Like brushed bronzed and other metal bathroom accessories, they need to be cared for constantly. The constant exposure to water and moisture will speed up their deterioration so it’s important to always keep them dry and wipe off stains as soon as possible. Corrosion is common to all types of metal and nickel is not exempted.

As for satin nickel, aside from the constant wiping to keep them dry, it’s also important to take note that not just any type or kind of cloth should be use. They easily get scratched so using microfiber types of cloth will be best. Water can easily be dried off but if your bathroom accessories get stained with toothpaste, soap and other corrosive liquids, wash it off immediately and dry it. Soap will adhere easily to metal and will speed up corrosion. Water also has elements and minerals that will damage the metal.

Satin Nickel Bathroom Accessories

To fully protect these accessories, you can buy a non-abrasive metal polish. It helps keep the shine and adds a layer of protection. How often you apply it depends on how often it gets exposed to stains and water. You can protect your satin nickel bathroom accessories and prolong their lifespan.



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2 Photos of the Satin Nickel Bathroom Accessories

Satin Nickel Bathroom AccessoriesSatin Nickel Bathroom Accessories

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