Utilizing Urban Furniture

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What is Urban Furniture?

Webster’s online dictionary defines urban as “of or relating to the cities or the people that live in them” and the word is derived from the old Latin term for a city. Thus, urban furniture would simply be furnishings that have been created specifically for use by people living in non-rural environments. These structures are often designed to conserve space, because in the city square footage is at a premium. These furniture pieces are also created to withstand both the elements and constant use. They are frequently made out of durable materials such as concrete, hard woods, or metals.

Urban Furniture for Cities

Public urban furniture is created to be ascetically pleasing to large groups, while at the same time remaining tough enough to preform whatever its basic function might be. New urban furniture nonetheless takes a variety of creative forms. Park beaches that offer complete views of the neighboring area and rotating models which provide dry seating after rainstorms are among the current market offerings. People that desire privacy in public places can easily have their solitude using the moveable seating arrangements on a third type of bench. Obviously, urban furniture is crafted not only for function but also for its visual appeal. Public transportation stops that resemble various fruits or that were made from demolished school buses are a few examples of this type of construction.


Urban Furniture for Homes

This same functional but visually pleasing pieces that are found in many public locations can also make useful additions to one’s home. Yet urban house furniture is generally designed more with comfort than durability in mind. These pieces are created to look stylish in apartments and other small living quarters. Leather and reclaimed wood are popular materials for interior urban furnishings. Available at a variety of retailers both online and locally, these pieces would be ideal for any home or apartment.

6 Photos of the Utilizing Urban Furniture


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