The Classic Japanese Rock Garden

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The Japanese rock garden is about the traditional garden concept with the Japanese style and also the special addition for the Japanese rocks into the garden. On the Japanese language, this is also the special type of garden which being called as dry landscape or what Japanese people also said as ‘karesansui’  and this is also the classic zen garden style which very popular from time to time. So, this is about the most attractive and wonderful lelandscapes on a beautiful Japanese style which can surely create the most beautiful look for your landscape design surround your house.

Japanese rock garden  2017

Japanese rock garden styles

So, the Japanese rock garden itself is about the most beautiful composition of the water features the special Japanese rocks itself and the beautiful prunes trees with the bushes around your garden area. The garden is mostly found with the high usage of the sand and also gravel to give the ripples effect through the water. Actually, the classic zen garden concept is about the small garden type and people can also take a look inside the garden because it is the classic type of the open garden style. You can also add the beautiful fountain to give the wonderful style and the effect of high relaxation for everyone who is spending the time in the garden.

Japanese rock garden great

Japanese rock garden ideas

This is the special and classic garden style which comes based on the Japanese mythology, so you can adopt and create the classic concept of the zen garden into your landscape area to create the amazing, unique and beautiful garden ever. Therefore, this is the best moment for you to back into nature and the classic style, and if you really love the classic garden concept, this zen garden with beautiful Japanese garden quite amazing for you. That’s why you need to know all about the wonderful Japanese rock garden.

 Japanese rock garden zen garden

 Japanese rock garden styles

 rock garden ideasrock gardens ideasjapanese garden ideas

5 Photos of the The Classic Japanese Rock Garden

Japanese rock garden stylesJapanese rock garden zen gardenJapanese rock garden ideasJapanese rock garden greatJapanese rock garden  2017

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